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Revenue Structure by Product

Detailed revenue, RUB mln 2014 2015 2015 vs. 2014, %
By service
Broadband Internet 60,364 63,880 6
TV services 15,250 19,368 27
Fixed-line telephony 109,710 99,105 –10
Wholesale services 77,895 79,021 1
Channel lease 11,758 11,714 0
Interconnection and traffic transit 33,177 34,717 5
VPN 19,711 19,711 0
Telecommunication infrastructure lease and service 13,248 12,879 –3
Additional and cloud services 11,384 13,468 18
Other telecommunication services 16,554 14,499 –12
Other non-telecommunication services 7,780 8,014 3
In 2015, the method of accounting income from communication services has been changed. In this connection data up to and including 2013 are not comparable.

Increase of digital services share in revenue, %

Increase of digital services share in revenue, %

Digital and content services share in revenue 2015 grew to 40%

Key factors of changes in revenue based on results 2015 were:

  • higher revenue from TV services rendering at the expense of increased consumption of VoD services and higher ARPU;
  • higher income for Broadband Internet at the expense of increasing the subscribers’ base;
  • growth of income from additional and cloud services related to an increase of income from cloud services, data centres and the development of sector service projects, including Safe City services;
  • higher income from interconnection and traffic transit services, mainly due to the growing demand for interconnection and traffic transit services provided to other operators;
  • lower income from fixed-line telephony resulting from the changed end users’ preferences in relation to the method of making calls.