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Audit Сommission

General principles guiding determination of remuneration amounts payable to members of the Audit Commission

At the Annual General Meeting held on 15 June 2015 (Minutes No. 1 of 17 June 2015) Rostelecom shareholders approved the Regulations on the Audit Commissions, revised version No 4, according to which members of the Audit Commission shall be paid an annual remuneration amount of RUB 800 thou. each, while the Chairperson’s annual remuneration shall be with a factor 1.3, and the Secretary’s remuneration with a factor of 1.1. If during a year the Audit Commission was re-elected or some individual members of it left its membership, the remuneration to members of the Audit Commission shall accrue and be paid pro rata to the period of time during which the relevant member of Audit Commission performed his/her functions.

The annual remuneration of a member of the Audit Commission shall be paid not later than 1 month after the annual general shareholders’ meeting for the year when he or she was elected a member of the Audit Commission.

Until 15 June 2015 according to version No. 3 of the Regulations on the Audit Commission its members were paid an annual remuneration amount of RUB 350 thou. rubles to each while the Chairperson’s annual remuneration was with a factor 1.3.

Payments to members of the Audit Commission
Payment type Paid in the reporting period, RUB
Remuneration 4,266,923.07
Salary 1,501,000.00
Commission fees
Compensations of expenses
Total 5,767,923.07