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Audit Commission

In accordance with the Company’s Charter, the Audit Commission is an independent controlling body of the PJSC Rostelecom, overseeing financial and operational activities of the Company in-between consecutive shareholders’ meeting.

On 15 June 2015, the Company Annual General Meeting elected the following 7 members of the Audit Commission:

  • Valentina F. Veremianina;
  • Vasiliy V. Garshin;
  • Dennis R. Kant-Mandal;
  • Mikhail P. Krasnov, Secretary of the Internal Audit Committee;
  • Oleg A. Musienko;
  • Alexander S. Ponkin;
  • Alexander V. Shevchuk, Chairman of the Internal Audit Committee.

The detailed biographies of all individuals who were members of the Audit Committion in 2015 can be found in Appendix “The Company governing and controlling bodies” to this Annual Report 2015.

Results of the Audit Commission Activities in 2015

The Audit Commission undertook an inspection of the Company’s financial and business operations, using methods of selective checks of individual transactions based on documents, accounting and tax ledgers, registers and explanations provided by the Company’s management.

As part of the account inspection, the Audit Commission assessed information disclosure and reporting procedure related to the Company’s financial and business operations, accounting principles and methods, rules governing preparation of financial statements and annual report.