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Management Board Personal Membership

Composition of the Management Board More detailed biographies of all individuals who were members of the Management Board in 2015 can be found in Appendix “The Company governing and controlling bodies” to this Annual Report 2015. as at the end of 2015

Share ownership of the Management Board members
Name Interest owned in Charter, % Percentage of owned ordinary shares, %
Sergey B. Kalugin 0.420 0.190
Kai-Uwe Mehlhorn 0.004 0.004
Galina V. Rysakova 0.004 0.004
Larisa S. Tkachuk 0.004 0.004
Maria V. Florentyeva 0.049 0.022
Alexander M. Tseitlin 0.004 0.004

In June 2015, In line with the Management’s long-term incentive programme S. Kalugin acquired 511,633 ordinary shares, while Kai-Uwe Mehlhorn, Galina Rysakova, Larisa Tkachuk, Maria Florentyeva and Alexander Tseitlin each acquired 106,987 ordinary shares.

No conflict of interests related to the above mentioned individuals was found in 2015.