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Corporate Secretary

A special dedicated officer — the Corporate Secretary is designated in Rostelecom in order to comply with the procedures designed to ensure the rights and lawful interests of shareholders.

Responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary include ensuring that the Company’s bodies and senior officers follow corporate governance rules and procedures guaranteeing the rights and interests of Rostelecom and its shareholders; facilitating interaction between the Company and the Board of Directors; as well as organising the work of the Board of Directors and its Committees.

The Corporate Secretary reports to the Board of Directors and is elected by a simple majority of votes cast by its members.

Rostelecom places high demands on the person elected to the position of the Corporate Secretary. In addition to possessing adequate knowledge to perform its duties, the Corporate Secretary must also have an impeccable reputation.

Ekaterina S. Mironova has been the Company’s Corporate Secretary since 2011. E. Mironova was born in 1981. In 2003 she graduated from the Tula State University specialising in linguistics and translation. From 2003 to 2011, prior to joining Rostelecom, Ekaterina was a Government Relations Manager at Megafon.