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Composition and Election of the Board of Directors

In accordance with the Company’s Charter, the Board of Directors consists of eleven members, elected annually at the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting. The Board of Directors is guided by the Company’s Charter and Regulations on the Board of Directors (version No. 13) approved by the AGM on 15 June 2015 (Minutes No. 1 dated 17 June 2015).

Persons who served on the Board of Directors in 2015
Members of the Board of Directors since 1 January 2015
until 15 June 2015
since 15 June 2015
Ruben A. Aganbegyan
Alexander A. Auzan
David Benello
Kirill A. Dmitriev
Anton A. Zlatopolsky
Sergey B. Ivanov (Chairman of the Board of Directors since 15 June 2015)
Sergei B. Kalugin
Igor I. Kozlov
Mikhail Y. Lesin
Anatoly A. Milyukov
Mikhail I. Poluboyarinov
Alexander A. Pchelintsev
Vadim V. Semenov (Chairman up to 15 June 2015)
Vitaly Y. Sergeichuk

Members of the Board of Directors as at 31 December 2015:

None of members of the Board of Directors except S. Kalugin held any interest in the charter capital of PJSC Rostelecom. For more details on the shares in the Company owned by S. Kalugin see section “Executive Bodies” of the Annual Report. For more details on the members of Rostelecom Board of Directors, see Appendix “The Company governing and controlling bodies” of the Annual Report.

No conflicts of interest of the above-mentioned members of the Board of Directors were found in 2015.